Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Australian Costumers' Guild -Victorian Chapter

A public procession

The Australian Costumers' Guild is a national organisation that aims to bring together costumers of all abilities and genres, be it historical, fantasy, cosplay, steampunk - or anything else you can think of. The Victorian chapter has a small but enthusiastic membership, and on a glorious spring afternoon in November 2015 some lovely members gathered in Melbourne for an Edwardian-themed promenade around Alexandra Gardens to show off their talents and skills as costume makers by wearing their works. To learn more about the activities of the ACG, visit Australian Costumers' Guild. 
Costume makers/enthusiasts of all persuasions are more than welcome to join. - Saskia Wells


Rozalia (royal blue ensemble) - ACG Victoria state contact
Saskia (striped Edwardian picnic dress)
Stefan (frock coat and top hat)
Eva (purple ensemble)
Debbie (white blouse & burgundy skirt)
Mary (teal gown)
Alan (blazer)

Photography: aglaia-b