Wednesday, July 03, 2013

anthropomorphic ancestry

update on our anthropomorphic ancestry project

Lucia Mocnay (~conjured creations~) and I are working on a collaborative project. Once she finishes her fox characters, together we stylize a photo shoot. Lucia plays a character along with her fox creation. With the first 4 foxes we decided to shoot using only a backdrop as to not take too much away from the characters and allow for introduction. Now both the foxes and Lucia are going to have adventures outside in a setting where a story is able to take place. The project is about themes in anthropomorphism and art and it's taking us to wonderful places both on location, imagination and our history as humans and animals. Underlying themes such as magic, reincarnation and unexplained phenomena are also present in the project. The beauty of working on something like this is that it also allows for the viewer to partake on the journey with us and evoke the viewers own perception of what they are seeing.


Model and maker of taxidermy foxes: Lucia Mocnay ~conjured creations~

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