Wednesday, November 20, 2013

i made a little video

anthropomorphic ancestry video

As a video, Anthropomorphic Ancestry, unfolds as a layered, frequent repetition of thematic fragments and narrative, like a sonnet with an emotional pace and flow. Its 54 images seamlessly combine an archived mode of photography with its capacity for subtle observations, discreet use of theatrical staging and painterly poise of each character. Despite the fact that they are purely a series of photographs, they, just like 
the foxes present in them, seem to come to life as they become animated.


Stills/Video: aglaia-b

Model: Lucia Mocnay ~conjured creations~

MUAH / Costumes / Props: aglaia-b & Lucia Mocnay

Foxes made by Lucia Mocnay

Miss Clementine Citronelle
Madame Callista Florencia
Dr Huxley Brown
Lady Ambrosia Benedictine

Music: Mum
Don't be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed

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